Endless possibilities.

Beyond personal aspirations, my vision extends to uplifting those in need. At LaJala, we are driven by the belief that making a positive difference is essential. For every sale, we pledge to donate $1 to Blackbirds Culture.

Giving back to the community resonates deeply with us, and your generous support to our business makes it possible for us to give back.

Stay connected with us through our email list and social platforms to witness the collective impact we create together. Your support for these impactful enterprises is genuinely appreciated.

Let us stand together in supporting businesses that strive to make a meaningful change within our community.

BlackBirds Culture

BlackBirds Culture is an Aboriginal and Māori social enterprise offering mental health first aid training and other culturally-appropriate mental health and trauma informed workshops that build resilience and well-being.

As founders of BlackBirds Culture, Danni is a Yuibera woman from Yuwi Country of the Birragubba Nation, and Chrys is a descendant of the Tūwharetoa and Maniapoto tribes from Hawkes Bay, N.Z.

BlackBirds Culture course program recognises and supports cultural differences and integrates this awareness throughout our workshops. With 35 years of combined experience in this field, BlackBirds Culture provide training programmes to build community capacity and raise awareness of mental health.

Both Directors have an understanding of minority stress and holds lived experience of the journey from childhood complex trauma, and ensuing mental health challenges, to a life of building adult resilience. 

By supporting our social enterprise we offer free courses to community and scholarships to help those in community to recognise the signs and symptoms of a multitude of mental health concerns and to seek help early.