Artist collaboration

Indigenous Australian artists have been using artwork to tell stories for thousand of years, these stories have been passed down through generations as a way for our ancestors to share their knowledge. At LaJala we collaborate with Indigenous artists to bring new and old stories to life. Every piece of art is created from the heart and tells special and unique stories. Learn the story of your garment, may it inspire you, give you power and connection.

Jarni McGuire

Jarni McGuire is a proud Noongar Boodja (country); a Whadjuk, Ballardong and Yuart woman living in Boorloo (Perth) who is extremely talented in the arts industry. At a young age, she always loved trying and creating things but was never quite sure where she wanted to channel her energies. Her inspiration is found in her culture, using language and listening to her mob, hearing their stories, asking questions and following Noongar protocol.

"I believe a lot can be learned from many art forms and I love sharing my culture, my way"

ReBorn: Ready for new beginnings and continued growth.


A yorga’s, woman’s connection to Boodja, country; we are in sync, we are one. Women hold a sacred connection to Boodja and role to our moort, family. Carriers of children, backbones to families and when surrounded by one another, that strength and kwop wirrn, good spirit is such a powerful source that it is undeniable and felt from deep within.

Artwork created by Jarni McGuire @jarnimcguire